society deprived part

It might be so many parts that, have been deprived from their rights race, tribes, ethnics and nations in a specific part of this world, country, provinces of states and districts, but in my country we have all kinds of depravity.

All kinds that I mentioned above which started from the most smallest part of society up to the biggest parts, but the most part which is really deprived are women the half part of my society.which starts from forcing marriages to selling girls in some reasons which is not really can not be account as a reason to cause selling a part of our family specially the part that our blood runs through the body of her.

That is why it was expected that their voice must be raised so earlier than now and a century earlier on the streets of New York, latter on  the different countries of Europe (France, Germany, Dutch, Denmark and …) and the same year hold the women international day in Russia as meeting and demonstration. although now a days women all over the world celebrate women’s’ international day but still in the society where I live women are deprived from the right which they are really suppose to have.

For more details and information inviting all of the readers of this site for watching following movies.


12 years girl victimized of deprivation  in the country

where the Taliban theory is in grows.

The half of my part which are not allowed to take part with me

Never and never will be

But it is not going to be acceptable

For ever and ever.


I hope one day the world stands against all this extremist theories

And before legal ages married get stop pretty soon all entire the world


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  1. Hello;

    Wow! it is short, but so long in meaning … i really like it, because it will touch everyone’s hearth deeply once they read it, especially ones who knows what the hell is and has ever been going on in that part of the world. i enjoyed reading it … wish you more success to publish this type of writing more and more…

  2. accept my best and warm appreciation for your encourages, yes you are right it was short but about the affection of this the opp God know how long it will take the be understand.

    any how thanks for your great supportive comment

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