The final days

سال نو و بهار نو مبارک

Afghanistan the country which is surrounded  with the mountains and has no  water border with any its neighbor hood  countries it has rivers but unfortunately water is being used by neighbor hoods for decades and no one ask why ? and no one cares about that.

as I said this country surrounded with mountains which make the rivers sources and the coldest weather in the region, beyond all this winter was the coldest winter in the last thirty years “elders were saying”:

it is gone with all snows and raining now spring is coming and every where smell fresh and taken a new figures, people look happy because of a lots of snow in past winter specially the formers.

what I am trying to say is HAPPY NEW YEAR for all my country women and men.

wishing up coming new year 1391 be full of joys and cheers for everyone in this land and be full of peace and solidarity.

the winter is gone away

now the spring came

I am so alone

I am so alone

that is why I am saying the final days which is the final days of winter and the start of spring the season which is really enjoy full in my country Afghanistan.traditionally we celebrate from three EIDs EIDUL FITR ( three days EId at the end of month of Ramazan or fasting month). another Eid which is 70 days after Eidul fitr which is called Eid Qurban ( the Eid when Muslims from around the world going for circling MACA to be come Haji) and the EIDUL GHADEER ( The birth day of Shia muslims first Imam Ali ibni Abutalib) and New Year celebration under the name of EID – NOWROZ ( The beginning of a new year in solar calenders) this Eid is a hitorical and traditional Eid for out people and at the first day of this Eid most of the people from around the country going to Balkh province Mazari – e- Sharif city to celebrate the raising flag at the Imam Alis’ shrine (Rowza Sharif) that is why it is really more interesting Eid. so now a days Eid Now Roz is going to approach on this land where all political conflicts hurts the each smallest parts of this country

forgiving all above issues saying:


سال نو و بهار تو 1391 را برای همه هم وطنانم تبریک می گویم


Taher Khawari a Hazara signer sings for spring

spring song by Wahid Saberi an Afghanistanian singer

Ms Homas‘ spring song a Pashton singer