International Campaign for reconstruction of Buddha’s Statues, in Bamiyan

Buddha of Bamiyan were one of the largest status of Buddha in the world which destroyed by Taliban on 2001. question is this that is this really Taliban from Afghanistan and from Pashtoon tribe or came from somewhere else?

In 2001 the world lost the internationally renowned Buddha statues of Bamiyan, when the Taliban bombed and destroyed them. However, we kept our hope to see again one day the statues stand on their feet.
Now scientists from the University of Munich have examined fragments of the statues and concluded that it is possible that one of them could be reconstructed. The female statue would be the first to be rebuilt and we hope the same thing for her partner. With this news, supporters of this UNESCO world heritage site have become hopeful that Bamiyan Valley will regain its once flourishing status as a major center of Buddhism.
We, the signatories of this petition, earnestly request the Afghanistan government and Parliament pay due diligence to the rebuilding of the statues and allocate funds for this project in their coming budgetary year; and we also request the UN and UNESCO, as the main guardians of human heritage, to provide unequivocal support of this project.

Those who knows Arabic kindly requested to translate the Nobel Quran which is recited in this clip  please! in order to know which kind of Sura the used in this I know it is from the address of extremist Muslim .



who really did this to the Buddha of Bamiyan and why?

which hands were working at the back part of this scenario and why ?

what were the expect from Buddha and Bamiyan or people over there?


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