Afghanistan USA Deal

I hope ISAF or NATO give me this after signing this deal with Afghanistan Gov


Since two thousand and first all the world concentrated to a small land under the name of Afghanistan where the world biggest group of terrorism had have been training in a tribal area on the south of this country ( North Waziristan) which is located on Paktika province.

Beyond this since 1980s USA have been involved in Afghanistan issues directly or indirectly which this cast millions of life last and millions disabled but still USA trying to be involve more than any other country in the world that is why it invite from all it’s counter parts to have a mess attack on the nest of terrorism in Afghanistan on two thousand and first in order to keep safe USA from the group which itself was helping them against Russian on 1980s to prevent USSR from reaching to the warm water of Persian ocean on south.

In 2001 International Security Assistant Forces (ISAF) under the command of United State of America after the incident of 9/11 dicidede to attack and abolish the nest of the terrorism which was growing really fast by the help of Arabian money through Usama Bine Laden the Alqa-e-da leader start launching missiles and dropping bombs on Turabura cave south east on Nangarhar province south on Khosh and Paktika province due to separate the infantry force of the enemy. eventually occupied the whole country and kicked back theirs and ours enemy out of the border of Afghanistan.

ISAF came to Afghanistan in order to abolish the nest of terrorist in this country but now it looks like we need them to stay here for more then what the had planned to do. this is why I say signing the ten years deal is really essential for our people and country if we really want to have a stable peace and safe life

it is really required for foreigner troops to be in Afghanistan more then what they were suppose to be, because we have seen the failed leader ship of last two 200 years of fascism leaders that only were thinking about a specific tribe which always create tribal for our beautiful country or sold a part to save their power in the country.

I am as Hazara the resident of this country wants from foreign armed force to never leave this country until this justice is not established and fascism idea is not abolished from the root