Speak before you die

Tell people what you think before you left them alone

world is as wide as you think and can not even guess same with people as many different as your fingers on your hands or feet.

based on this people have different ideology, the problem is that someone are able to spread his/her idea but unfortunately most of as ever afraid of telling out out of view.those who says can not be with no mistake but can be corrected in some ways. so this is why it is better to share your idea before you die or ” speak before you die” this is what I think 

because you idea can be the best at all but if you don’t share it with us ( people )  it may cast nothing. please share your idea with your friends about any thing you really like to do or to be done.

let’s start a revolution of ideologies for the nest steps of ourselves and our next generation.

Tell the world what you think before you die

By باچه آزره آزره Posted in Topics