Happy EID Saed Feetr

Happy Eid Feetr for all Muslims around the world


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One month in entire year is the best chance for Muslims to do pray and ask almighty God to forgive their sin and guilt can say it is a better chance of self purification.it is not only the chance for pray and asking God for forgiveness, there are so many sanctity in this month.First that the first verse  of Muslims’ Holly book is descent in this month second that First Imam of Shia Muslims ( Hazrat Ali ) and the fourth Kalif of all Muslims in the world were martyred by Ibne Muljim.

But what is really important in this month is a good chance for those who really are in diet to lose fatness in order to have a better health.

It is only 30 days which start from half hour a head of morning call of praying till after praying call of night in Shia  Muslim religion. and it is a little bite different in Sunni religion they also start the same time but break when Mullah says ALLAH O AKBER ( God is great ) the first letter of praying calls.

In this month Shia Muslims doing all kind of worship like praying (Namaz), reading Holly Quran, doing recommended praying (Mustahab) doing called recourse ( Tawsol ) and ets.

But in Sunni religion they doing different like most of the worships are the same only praying ( Nazam) they do sokka (Tarawah ) which is 20 bows and they don’t do called recourse at the nineteenth night of Ramazad it is Lailatul Qader ( it is the night when first Imam of Shais’ Muslims were martyred by Ibne Muljim) and also the night which the first verse of holy Quran descent and Muslims sites all night a wake and doing pray for three night 19,21.23 nights of Ramazan

We Shia Muslims believe that in nineteenth night of Ramazan our first Imam is wounded on 21st getting worst and on 23th been martyred.

I said it is three days of fasting at the end we have three days holidays which call “EID”
Eid are the days which we celebrate the conquests of our ego that we done in last three das.

Which we are going to celebrate in Sunday 19,Aug,2012

HAPPY EID Saed FEETR my dear visitors

Map of predominantly Sunni or Shi'a regions in...

Map of predominantly Sunni or Shi’a regions in the world (Photo credit: Wikipedia)