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A short information about Hazara people I am not saying perfect information but better than nothing

This is the name of an ethnic what make second biggest ethnic in Afghanistan, they used to be the biggest ethnic in this country before massacre of Abdul Rahman a Kohatti (Pakistani ) Pashton on 1880s. they are Shia Muslims (12 Imam) and aslo have Ismaelia ( they follower of Karim Aqa Khan )
they leave in suburbs and cities.
they have been kept deprived from any rights in this country because of fascism rullers till 1980s exactly the time when Russian was invaded and ruling in this country. although there were some elders who really attepmt to get Hazara people out ot this condition as follows :
1- Mohammad Ibrahim Gaw Sowar ( Peasant movement party against the absolute monarchy).
2- Barat Ali Taj ( one of the figure of democratic and constitutional)
3- Ghulam Nabi Chapa Shakh
4- Martyred Abdul Khaliq ( 19 years old student to killed Nadir Khan the cruel king of Pashton in Afghansitan on 1312/1933 which cast that his whole family members, friends, teacher and some of his relatives to be killed by toady castle dwellers.
5- senat Mohammad Nargis
6- Ghulam Nabi Chapa Shakh ( A brave regiment commander)
7- Martyred Abdul Ali Mazari ( the one who grew up from a pain full society and sacrified himself for his people as the others mentioned before but totally different from them. He stand well and act the best much more thought out from others, he gave us back our lost identity. Today what a Hazara has is because of Mazari and his courageous companies like:
1_ Commander Engineer Mohammad Shafi ( who was fame in Shafi Dewana)
2- Abuzar ( A brave commander).
3- Haji Din Mohammad Turkmany ( as you can figure it out from his last name he was from Parwan Province Turkman valley).
4- Maqsoodi
5- Hashemi
6 -Naseer ( who also was known as Naseer Dewana among people).
7- Haji Mohammad Mohaqiq ( who is currently is Senate justice committee chairman and Whadat Islamic political party chairman)
8- Mohammad Karim Khalily ( current voice president of Afghanistan and Chair man of Wahdat

Islamic and national political party).

and thousands other brave men.

Additional information:

Shia is one of Islamic religion which has about 45% in Afghanistan which over 35% is Shia follower of 12 Imam which starts from Hazarat Ali (A.S) and Ends in Hazarat Mahdi ( A.F ) this is called Jaferia
10 or 12 % is Shia Ismaelia which is the same till 6th Imam then to follow Ismail son of 5th Imam and called this followers Ismaelia

At the end I would be more than happy to be corrected by my dear friends and reader of this piece of information and if there is any Quantitative and shortcomings which human is not free of that but ALLAH.I really do apologize for that and will be my pleasure to have my friends add that part
sources :

Besudi Hazara chieftains, taken by John Burke ...

Besudi Hazara chieftains, taken by John Burke in 1879–80, possibly at Kabul, Afghanistan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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