Abdul Khaliq

Abdul Khaliq in stand line second from right

Martyred Abdul Khaliq Hazara son of Mowladad who had been borne on 1916 in a Shia Muslim Family,originally he is from Daiya  Polad ( Folad) .his grand father abandon his ancestors village because of tyranny board  of that time like Abdul Rahman and came to Dayzangi which is a part of Bamiyan province and then moved to Ghazni province due to bothering of fascism  team of Abdul Rahman regime    .Hazaras because of their good faith and honesty of all human virtues are unique among the peoples of Afghanistan , there fore in  the beginning of unprecedented force in Afghanistan’s history these people had been assigned to the Gov high rank family as laborer, servant which made them to be deprived from all social and political rights by force, in case if any family or someone were resisting against this action they would been killed by Gov armed forces.Abdul Khaliq, a family  was not far remained  from  public servant they had been assigned with Charkhi Family in Logar as Farmer.   Abdul Khaliq Hazara because the talent  was always had been attracted by Charkhi Family that is why Shah Bibi  Ghulam Jilani’s wife  was looking him as real son and she was  like a real mother and  had really loved him. living with a  political family from one side and persuading of Abdul Khaliq’s uncle Khoda dad from another side made Khaliq a real warrior for justice and no fascisms any more.

Martyred Abdul Khaliq in childhood was really great in oratory  that many great men of that time were unable to have that oratory that is why  Associations of general and specific attention had been attracted by him, he also had a special talent in the sport. He was a great gymnastic  man and a great foot player .

Martyr dome Abdul Khaliq Hazara was a brave boy, he grew and tall stature with the pain but he  never did have any time to get accustomed to the failure of that society  which was full of pains. The courage and bravery  of him cast to be  focused more by authors, cultural, writers or pen holders in a cafe where they were coming together in Shur Bazar a place in down town of old Kabul exactly the same like  Laila Haidary’s cafe and that is why he was praised by them  because of his special talent and courage.

as I mentioned above that, this superman  was linked to disadvantaged community, community which was ruled by thirsty for power, straining and gold Mafia  and exclusion was taken, this painful and pitiable state of society would suffer him always, therefore he intended   many times to  remove the lawless and cruel king of his time.Once he tried on foundation stone ceremony of Kabul fence, which unfortunately was not succeed. But these failures have no time to change, the goal was finally on 26 November1933 in ceremony gift donation for students, where the children of a specific ethnic group, Gov high rank people, that generally consists of a specific ethnic group and court flatterers were always favored, as a good opportunity to face the evil king by firing three bullets in the forehead, mouth and chest to take him down to the ground. by  his and all his family members sacrifices  he told the others that any vampire can be stopped  by giving sacrifices of his ,family,relatives and some friends live .

After  ground up  by king his son  Zahir  sitting on kingdom  chair .Zahir     with other court flatterers like Hashim his  uncle,Tura Baz khan and so many other regret carrier of  citadel, Adul Khaliq and his friends Mahmood, Is Haq, head master Ayub and his  companies who were discussing every day in cafe regarding  political situation  are first arrested and then toke their life in many cruelty ways e.g: under punishment, executing in, purring hot and boiled oil on Khaliq’s head,taking  nails out with players, stabbed . Martyr Abdul Khaliq Hazara in this action  which  was not only for deprived society of his own ethnic Hazara it was for entire country injustice, dis equalization attempt to say   to power rulers and bloody vampires, that if someone really want to stands against  tyranny can totally remove the main designer of a design,But in the interest of humanity and respect for humanity and Islam would not have to work to get the wild Afghan history   as rulers  would done. Infact  he wants to tell every body here is the rebel and wild  only one tribe that had been empower in this country  since 1880s not all residents of this land

God bless his soul and give him a Dear Wind

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