Hazara are the people who live in all over around the world but originally the are from Afghanistan.

the word of Hazara derived from ” Thousand” and regardig selection of this name are different ideas one says it is selected based on three side of a triangle of this people who fought against Ghangiz Khan Monghol, another Idea says there are thousand of water source in the area these people live in Aghanistan, another says there are thousands of tribe if these people such as Lachin, Zawoli,Kabul,Dai zaniat, Daikondi, Daimer dad, Daizangi and etc.

before 1880s these people had a better live and political power but when Abdul Rahman a refugee of India from Kohat which is now belong to Pakistan empowered by British empires, he invade on their home land and killed more that 62% of there population and keep the rest as slave in his palace.
after that these people a the worst life condition tell 1920s when Hazara elders, educateds, politicians put pressure on Amanullah to prevent taking Hazara as slave in their house and he informed every body not to do it any more, but still Hazaras had really bad circumstances tell 194os when people got educated and know about human rights and democracy.

it is still no the end of the point till 1970s when Hazara themselves start fighting for their right even our ( Hazaras) society was not able to give the rights for Hazara but keep asking and fighting eventually approach them on where they want to be.

but there are a long way in-front of us to goooooo!!!

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