Afghanistan the Haritage of Asian people.


Besudi Hazara chieftains, taken by John Burke ...

Besudi Hazara chieftains, taken by John Burke in 1879–80, possibly at Kabul, Afghanistan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



A piece of land in this world had been called Khurasan but after invading a wild tribe in this land by the help of some other countries and powerful empires could occupy it and after a while change the name of this land to Afghanistan.


Afghanistan is a multinational and country that has many different religion as well like Shia, Sunii, Ismaili, Hindoism, chrisianity and etc people of this land has no problem in their faith or religion it is true it seems they have but in fact they don’t only problem they have is ethnically


that is why many cruelty can take place in this land in different way but the target is only one ethnic that call ” Hazara ”


Hazara had the biggest population in this land till 1880s since Abdull Rahman didn’t massacre 62% of  their population keep the men and women as a slave for decades and centuries, because the reject to pay the painful taxes


from any 5 sheep one sheep from 10 goat 4 goat from any cow which produce milk about 5kg butter/ghee and each man of Hazara has to serve for country in the most dangerous and conflicted areas and much more extra ordinary taxes was assigned to hazara people.


therefore Hazara people rejected them and Amir from Kabul order to occupy all Hazara’s land and give it to Kochis {( people who already contracted with India ( current Pakistan) to be brought ) }, men and women of them must be brought to Kabul to serve as slave in Gov authorities and rest of Pashtoon‘s or non pashtoon’s houses till Amanullah became on power on1919 and some Hazara elder and politician made him to cancel it


Hazara people on Abdul Rahman's regime

Hazara people on Abdul Rahman’s regime


during this ijustice regimes in Afghanistan conflict was going on between Hazara and central Gov the most fight was in central part of Afghanistan where the most residents are Hazara.


as I mentioned above that Amir from Kabul order his force to make Hazara pay all those painful taxes othewise make them to serve as slave, but Hazara reject them so fight was start between Hazara and central Gov. central force burned all villages when they occupied killed even animals rape women,children.


there is a place in the heart of Afghanistan called Urozgan where the best fighter of Hazara were located even women were taking part inf ware, but unfortunately defeated by central forces because shortage of equipment, but vice versa Kabul troops had much more and better equipments and trained forces foreigner advisers. any how eventually Hazara forces back drawled and all over the country became under the control of new comers.


Chihel Dokhtaran ( 40 girls @ Urozgan province Afghanistan) I will share the story this girls soon.


that is why we still have problem and and we will have it till we have them with us.


I hope one day they become a loyal Afghanistan citizen and not gamble future of all citizens to have a better peaceful country among others.






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