Sherin Hazara

40 girls of Hazara who flew down from mountains

40 girls of Hazara who flew down from mountains

A piece of land in this world had been called Khurasan but after invading a wild tribe in this land by the help of some other countries  specially great Britain Empires  could occupy it and after a while change the name of this land ( Khurasan) to Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is a multinational and a country that has many different religion as well like Shia, Sunii, Ismaili, Hindoism, chrisianity and etc. In fact people of this land have no problem in their faith or religion, only problem they have is ethnically and language

that is why many cruelty can take place in this land in different way but the target is only one ethnic that call ” Hazara ”

Hazara had the biggest population in this land before 1880s since Abdull Rahman didn’t massacre 62% of  the population of these people and  kept the men and women as a slave for decades and centuries, because the reject to pay the painful taxes as follows:

1-Barry dirt:  as the charity of uncultivated  and arable land of Hazaras were taken.

2- head count money: which had been taken from each Hazara person in a house as tax.

3-horn count money: which was taken instead of each animal from Hazaras.

4- good shopping money: this was determined by MP to Hazara people.

5- wheat storage : a hundred hundredweight and more irregular scale, was billing on Hazara people.

6- money for queen’s head moisturizing and scarf: a predatory form of money orders that were imposed on the Hazaras.

7- term of service was another pain on ass for Hazara people it was recently seemed like slaughterhouse for Hazaras in order to safe themselves they were selling their land and properties to give bribe or give someone to serve instead of them.

and many more thing were imposed on Hazara people so therefore they start complaining and protests to avoid all these, but turned in violence and cast bloody ware.

in these wares men and women of Hazara participated to fight for justice and equalities. Among all other women & men there were 4o Hazara girl in Urozgan that were under control of Sherin ( commander of 40 girl of Hazara) in Urozgan that fight for days and hours against the insurgent of Abdul Rahman but because of shortage of ammunition and a lots of casualties she withdrawal toward a mountain but still fighting in order to safe dignity and chastity of herself and her colleagues like Feriba,Marzia, Razia, Gul bakht and 35 other girls but unfortunately her attemps didn’t stop tyranny troop of Amir and eventually all girls decided to fly down the mountains and do suicide rather than capture by Pashtoon force to be an honored and from that time now that mountain is called Chihil Dokhtaran (40 girls) and Shering is well known among Hazara and rest of Afghanistan people in bravery and courage.


let me pray for her and her colleagues soul to be comfortable and have place in paradise.

this is was a short story from Hazara girl of Urozgan and honored ladies for her sacrifies and I hope one day all be taken to court those who attempts injustice in this country and every body get her/his rights.

I hope all my dear readers ignores any grammatical or any other mistakes of texts.