Dashti Barchi forgotten land


Dashti Barchi located at west of Kabul Afghanistan capital city, all residents are Hazara ethnic, the ethnic which lived deprived from all their social rights for centuries by empower men.

This is the place that residents payed thousands of martyrs to get their freedom and embolish rascism nests in the country for the first time and raised their voice against injustice and majority ethnices’ rights in Afghanistan.

This is the place which must be forgotten because all Hazara people are living there, because being Hazara was crime.

Now it is totally forgot beyond all previous guilt, it is more guilty now because anywhere we referred responded that you Hazara occupied everywhere first positions in school s, universities, hard working, peace loving, braveness, honesty, loyality, NGOs, Gov offices and the most important is this that you can ask your political leaders who are second voice president and one of them is chair man of  parliamentary justice commission of Afghanistan it is really a pain on our ass because we been striving from hunger but our leaders are busy on their political deals and Dashti Barchi is totally forgotten.

There are many problem which I am going to write one by one as follow:

– Lack of central government attention on social facilities for rehabilitations of Dashti Barchi.

– No education facility.

– No standered school.

– No electricity power in most part of Dashti Barchi as a part of capital city.

– No paved road, but main avenue which is call Shahid Mazari avenue.

– No attntion acording to the municipal urban cleaning.

– No healthy portable water.

And many more problem like mentioned above, but there are no one to take care.

I don’t know when and how/ who will step forwared to solve all these and hopefully soon.


Word Hazara?

The word Hazara is taken from word ” Hazar ” which means (thousan) in Dari/Farsi/ Persian there are many ideas about this word.

One the Afghan author says it’s because they are the reamince of thousands soldier of Ghangiz Khan.

Other says it is because thousands vellay of Hazaristan central part of Afghanistan where most of Hazara people are living.

Another author says it is because thousands of water source which provides all water in country.

One says it is because of thousands path which is crossing from Hazaristan.

But, the most certain idea is that there are thousands of vellay and water source in Hazaristan so this can be the main reason for the name of this ethnic as well.

All of Hazara people are Muslim and most of them following Shia religion and some of them are following Ismailia religion Hazare people are living almost all over the country, but most of them live in centeal part of Afghanistan. This was a brief information about hazara people.