Why Hussain Alone?

Son of a poor farmer family from Daikundi province of Afghanistan.

Son of a poor farmer family from Daikundi province of Afghanistan.

Did you noticed him? I am sure you don’t
Because he is not Mr president’s son neither Parliament S’s member S’s son nor provincial council member’s family or any high rank Governmental persons family.
I know you don’t know this guy that is why he is alone at one of the non equipped hospital in Kabul which is known by the name of Ali A bad Hospital.
He is Hussain son of a poor family from one the deprived province of Afghanistan called Daikondi.
He is the one who stabbed with a 3.5cm knife couple days a go by a student of Kabul University from Tajik ethnicity.
He is son of a poor farmer who could not call him when informed that his son is stabbed that day.
He is son of the man who is not able to come to Kabul from his province to see his son’s condition.
Yes he is Hussain one of the most polite boy of his faculty who always suffered from economical circumstances, but always laughed to show for his colleagues that he is in a good condition.
He is Hussain who is really worried about his health because of lack attention of political leader S’s, ethnical elders and government authorities.
He is the one who was stabbed which injured his stomach, lung and intestine and beaten with a ladle on head which making him concern able for future mentality problem it is all because of careless of elders, high rank of health ministry, high education ministry and the rest of Gov authorities.
Yeah he is the one who got surgery twice but still has a lots of problem in his surgery parts and he needs to be treated either into on of the equipped hospital of Kabul or out of country.
But he is notable to pay the cost, I kindly asking national business men/ women, human rights activist, social activist, political leaders and who ever are able to help rapid to Ali Abad Hoitaland help him.

I also requesting from those friends of him to send an mobile number for me to add in this text.