Afg different Rules

Lahibullah Adina Ghaznawi:

She is the bridge who been killed by Taliban in Thor Province in her wedding day.

She is the bridge who been killed by Taliban in Thor Province in her wedding day.

This is Afghanistan everything must be different from other parts of this world.
here someone don’t care why you suffer and why you cant live the way all human being do, here someone want you to live the way they want.
in another countries high authorities encourage people to get educated here they burn schools and spread acid on girls faces,in another countries they build new buildings, roads etc in order to have a modernize country, but here burning, or destroying in order to make happy their bosses. in other parts of the world people dancing playing music sharing their happy ness with each other here they create incidents, give sadness and killing brides and grooms that is why its called Afghanistan (shouting and streaming) land. in other countries people being persuaded to vote for the right person to become president, or parliament member so the work for them and improve their country, but in Afghanistan the cut off the colored fingers which are sign of vote.
in other countries politician trying to build their relationship based on truth and honesty, here politicians trying to build their relationships based of deceiving,lying fraudulent, ethnicity,language and number of voter’s vote.
here we support and share our condolences with other nation but there is no nation to share their supporters and condolences with our nation. this is Afghanistan everything must be different.