Pakistan Afghanistan Signe strategical agreement.

Pazhman Ghaznawi:

Afghanistan Pakistan sign strategically agreement

It is not important which kind of agreements both Gov sign security or economic’ what is important is advantage of my country.

What is the advantage of my country in this agreement which is signed between Pakistan and Afghanistan?

As usual most of Afghanistan people disagree with this agreement’ but Afghanistan Gov must clarify this for people and must share some I to with people.

Keeping people as blind will create more obstacles along the way of this agreement.

We have to bee aware of north, east and west neighbor countries reactions too.

I am sure this agreement is made after a long discussion and both party shared their demands and expectations.

Who was assigned from Afghanistan side and how experienced he,she /they was/were.

It is also known that Pakistan never do anything for Afghanistan, but if there is a plane made by them to implement it on our country so what will be the reaction of Afghanistan Gov in that case?

It is good to have strategical agreements with neighbourhood countries, but this questionable, that how honest they are in this agreements? What advantage they give to our country and people it is true that we need their support in some points but we must know, that they are suffering also from lack of this agreement even more than us.

That is why I think we have to go farther and ask Pakistan Gov for some advantage in order to sign this agreement I hope our side already would asked them.

By باچه آزره آزره Posted in History